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Since 2012, the use of drones for aerial photography has been regulated by the DGAC (General Directorate of Civil Aviation). Widely regulated, many authorizations and official certificates of competence are requested.

on certification

Our 3 drone pilots have a certificate of theoretical aptitude for remote pilot recognized by the DGAC. In addition, a training follow-up certificate confirms their piloting expertise.

To obtain this certification, our professional drone operators have passed an exam in a DGAC centre. The exam consists of a MCQ of 60 questions with a time of 1h30 to answer a minimum of 45 questions. The topics of the exam are multiple:

3550 drone ?

Collaborating with 3550 Drone is the assurance that your project is in the hands of professionals who perfectly master the art of piloting and the associated regulations.

With Franck, Seb & Pierrick, nothing is left to chance. Beyond the technical aspect that they master to perfection thanks to the certification, your aerial shots will be captured with the artistic look and the professionalism acquired with years of experience.

Experience, creativity, mastery of the legal framework, security: here is the winning cocktail! A project to entrust to us? Drone it!

on regulations

Drones are classified into categories according to their weight and use. Four scenarios of use have been established by the DGAC with specific rules on use, the pilot, the operator and the drone. These rules are related to the flight altitude, the geographical area and the weight of the drone. In some cases, a prefectural flight authorization is necessary. As for scenario 3 which concerns theft in built-up areas near people and animals.

In the context of the use of drones by professionals for commercial purposes, several conditions must be met:

Such regulation is necessary for the integration of this practice and airspace safety. Technical skills to pilot drones are also very important in order to avoid collisions or falls.