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Our team

Attentive listening, perfectionism of excellence, experienced men and women, capable of revealing the beauty and emotions of each moment.

The art of mastered detail

Capturing life, playing with time, slowing it down, speeding it up… Our certified dronists grasp your desires, accompany you in the realization of your projects and bring “their eye” and their sensitivity to your achievements. Memory and sharing are in our hands and we guarantee our customers a high quality of execution.

With aerial images, the dronist places himself as on the back of a bird; or in the eyes of an insect through macro shots. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Our certified drone pilots

Franck Saint Simon
Drone pilote
He puts his sense of organization at the service of the smooth running of the meetings. With Franck, nothing is left to chance; his perfect knowledge of the material and his sensitivity allow him to bring a unique artistic vision to all his projects.
Sébastien Perez
Drone pilot
He masters the art of telling stories by imagining the project as a whole during filming. A singular elegance characterizes the way Sébastien captures the image. A former film professor, he has made several hundred videos during his 10 years of experience.
Pierrick Scotto
Drone pilot
He knows the trends and the media, he has a nose and shows great creativity. Pierrick taught English and evolves with pleasure in an international context. His sense of listening and observation are his best assets.
Jean-Rémy Gaudin-Bridet
Content Director
A pioneer of social media management, he later became Creative Director of several production companies. Jean-Rémy now supervises the team of drone operators and brings his crazy energy and his high standards to the service of the success of all projects.
Justine Damarin
Project coordinator
A true facilitator, Justine is your privileged interlocutor. Sensitive to customer satisfaction, she is always attentive to your needs and follows your projects with great rigor. To speak of his unchanging good humor would also do him credit.
Déborah Plet
Project coordinator
Expert in the management of complex projects, Déborah knows how to listen as well as federate. Count on her if you need a good idea, because her gentleness is matched only by her pragmatism and her clever mind.